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Deezer hints at future Roon integration

On Deezer’s English forums, a member of Deezer’s staff has replied to a three-year-old topic asking for Deezer integration with Roon’s music library management and playback software.  From the forum […]

Schiit Audio Jotunheim 2 on top of a Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

Schiit Audio Jotunheim 2

I have every reason to feel bad right now. Under normal circumstances, I might feel good, as I have finally gotten around to reviewing Schiit Audio’s Jotunheim, the prototype for […]

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Qobuz Launches in 6 New Countries

Qobuz has announced the launch of their services in 6 new countries. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia and New Zealand will now be able to get the benefits of high-res […]