by Currawong (Amos), Brooko & others (previously:
by Currawong (Amos), Brooko & others (previously:


Information You Provide and How it is Used

We (the owner(s) of Headphone & Earphone Reviews) collect the following information when you visit or interact with our site:

All visitors (except where your browser settings prevent it) will have a “cookie” (or cookies) stored by your browser, by the site software and by third party services that provide site features. These are used for analytics, eg: statistics telling us how long you spent on the site and for calculating how many unique visitors read the site. They are also used for the Disqus comments system and our Member account system to provide secure registration access. Information about your location, such as your IP address and where you are from are used for monitoring visitor location statistics using Google Analytics, as well as WordPress.

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To become a supporting Member, or make a donation, you have to provide one of our payment processors (Stripe or PayPal) with your payment information. They provide us with your name and email address, and your shipping address (if required to ship you a reward) and the last four digits of your credit card (so you can check which card you used to sign up with in your account page). This is used to create your account, and manage your access to membership features and rewards.

We respect requests to delete personal information. However, we cannot control how the third party sites, mentioned above, manage your information. For that, you will need to contact them.

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