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Reviews of Portable Digital Audio Players for MP3, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, including Android-based players.

Cayin N6ii A01 T01 E01 E02

Cayin N6ii – 4 Players in One

While other portable player manufacturers have made DAPs with changeable amp modules, the Cayin N6ii is the first I’ve seen where both the amp and DAC can be replaced with […]

Best of 2018

Best of 2018: Amos

While it’s a bit late, a few people asked me what I thought were the best products of 2018. That’s a difficult choice, as I didn’t get to experience as […]

FiiO M9

FiiO M9 DAP Review

FiiO has packed the inexpensive M9 with features, including 2-way Bluetooth. I put it through its paces, including taking it with me on a trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo 2018: Cayin N8

John Huang of Cayin talks a bit about the DAP at the 2018 Autumn Tokyo FUJIYAAVIC Headphone Festival. I didn’t realise why Cayin’s new N8 was so huge until I […]

Hiby R6 Review

https://youtu.be/vkBeuFEcyxc If you’re after a dedicated portable music player these days, it’s hard not to simply buy a smart phone from makers such as LG who are now targeting portable […]

FiiO M7 Digital Audio Player Review

INTRODUCTION FiiO has over time evolved with an interesting line-up in Digital AudioPlayers (DAPs). They started with the original X3 (affordable), then over time developed the X1 series (budget/entry point), […]

Hiby R6 Unboxing

Hiby’s new R6 promises a lot of features for a reasonable price. Quad-core CPU, APTx, up to 400GB micro SD card support. USB 3.0 with Quickcharge 2. Here I unbox […]