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Reviews of in-ear monitors, IEMs, earbuds and custom IEMs (CIEMs) from cheap to expensive.

Shure SE846 – IEM Review (stunning)

INTRODUCTION I mentioned recently in my review of the Earsonics ES5 that while I’ve reached my own personal end-game nirvana with Headphones (HD800S, HD630VB and Mobius) and desktop set-up (iFi […]

Earsonics ES5 – IEM Review

INTRODUCTION Over the years, with more experience slowly gained, I’ve started to refine my audio collection. I realise I have a privileged position because as a reviewer, I often get […]

Tokyo 2018: Shure RMCE-BT2

Sean Sullivan shows us their latest product – a high-quality Bluetooth receiver and headphone amp for their IEMs at the 2018 Autumn FUJIYA AVIC Headphone Fetival.

FiiO FH5 IEM Review

Video Review of the FiiO FH5 Introduction FiiO was interested in having me check out their new flagship IEMs, the FH5. Brooko has also reviewed these, and you can read […]

FiiO FH5 Hybrid IEM Review

INTRODUCTION FiiO have been very busy in the portable audio world of late, and it seems like only a short time ago they debuted their F9 series, and then followed […]

Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered

Ultimate Ears’ Reference Monitor (UERM) became such a standard amongst some members on Head-Fi that at one point a member asked in one of the popular “diary” threads a question […]