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Portable audio, including in-ear monitors, earbuds, digital audio players for MP3, FLAC, AIFF and WAV. Portable folding and Bluetooth headphones.

iFi Audio iEMatch

As you get more into high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs) it is not unusual to encounter discussion online that you need amps or DAPs that have a low, or near zero […]

FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth DAC and Amp

INTRODUCTION Blue-tooth has changed a lot since it’s been introduced. Originally audiophile purists would turn their noses up at the overall quality (with good reason), and the early Blue-tooth standards […]

iFi xDSD Review

iFi have carved a name for themselves with affordable and powerful DACs and headphones amps, as well as noise-reducing USB and digital accessories. The new xDSD has been my first […]

Campfire Audio Cascade Headphones Review

https://youtu.be/vDL330SE_Ec Ken Ball has a long history with personal audio. Starting out by soldering his own headphone cables and modifying headphones well over a decade ago, then manufacturing amps and […]

Hiby R6 Unboxing

Hiby’s new R6 promises a lot of features for a reasonable price. Quad-core CPU, APTx, up to 400GB micro SD card support. USB 3.0 with Quickcharge 2. Here I unbox […]

JHAudio Roxanne II Review

A few years ago JHAudio unveiled the Roxanne, the first of the Siren Series of IEMs with a new connector and adjustable base levels. Now they have teamed up with […]

JHAudio Roxanne II Unboxing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2wxAFIeu74 It has been three years since I reviewed JHAudio’s Roxannes, the first of their Siren Series IEMs. With adjustable bass and 12 drivers per side, JHAudio has updated the […]